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From Calgary’s hottest, dry days to our freezing, wind chilled mornings, Affordable Lawn & Snow can be found outside year-round to keep our yards beautiful and our walkways clear.

In the summer, find us out in the sun keeping Calgary green with our lawn care services. During the winter, let us help maintain your property and keep your walkways and roads clear with our snow clearing and ice management services. Whether you’re looking for one-time service or want regular maintenance, our crew has got you covered.


Artificial Turf

Eliminate the need for regular maintenance and go grass free. Get the look of a fresh, green lawn with hassle-free artificial turf installation. Season after season, your grass will maintain its bright green colour and straight stature.

Spring and Fall Clean Up

When the seasons change, your yard often needs a major spruce up. Lawn cuts, trimming, edging, power raking, fertilizing, aeration, turning of flower beds, leaf removal, weed control, arbor care, and general yard cleanup are included.

Core Aeration

Renew your lawn with a yearly aeration service. Available in the spring or fall, ensure a healthy and lush lawn for the brighter seasons.

Weekly/Bi-weekly Lawn Care Service

Keep your lawn looking clean cut and fresh with regular maintenance from our team. This includes cut, trim, and removal of all trimmings from your yard.

Real Estate Service

If you’re listing your house for sale, we provide minor or major curb appeal packages to ensure you get top value for your home. We can also provide lawn or snow care for your listed property.

Landscaping Projects

Get landscaping solutions for your small to medium sized project. Whether you need help with design or physical solutions, you will be truly amazed by our professionalism and value.

Sod Delivery and Installation

Tired of a brown lawn? We deliver, install, or replace your existing sod to give you a fuller, greener looking lawn. We also provide loam and irrigation advice to ensure your yard stays beautiful.

Gravel, Decorative Rock, and Mulch

Take your garden beds and trees to the next level with our gravel, rock, and mulch installation services. Retain moisture, keep the weeds out, and gain an overall appeal to your yard!

Tree Pruning or Hedge Trimming

Our team is trained in proper arbor care to get your tree and shrubs in excellent health. Maintain the shape and size of your tree or remove diseased or dangerous branches.

Eaves Cleaning

We will power blow your eaves to ensure both eaves and drain spouts are in proper working order. All eaves and drain spouts are tested and repaired if necessary.

Vacation Cuts

Leaving town? Our team can provide expert lawn or snow service for your home to ensure maintained value and safety while you’re away.

Weed Control and Fertilizer

Eliminate those pesky weeds and give your grass and plants the nutrients they need. Enjoy a great looking and healthy lawn using the best in environmentally friendly liquid and granular products.

Irrigation Systems

Get a new sprinkler system installed, your lines blown out, or your system repaired with help from our qualified experts.



When you’re feeling blue about the state of your yard, call the team at Affordable Lawn & Snow to turn that frown around.

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