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We are still open and offering the same services as usual during these unusual times.

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Snow Clearing and Ice Management in Calgary

Affordable Lawn & Snow provides commercial and residential clients with professional snow clearing and maintenance services. Our priority is to maintain a safe environment for both individual and customer access.

We can also provide sanding and snowplowing for your parking lot and sidewalk maintenance needs. Ice-melt can be applied as necessary.

Why Hire a Snow Clearing Service?

  • Safety: keep your employees, customers, children, and elderly family members safe from any slips and falls due to icy walkways. Make sure your property is easily accessible for driving and walking when everyone is rushing to get inside!
  • Avoid damage: different surfaces often require different snowblades. Protect your asphalt parking lot or concrete driveway by hiring a professional company who knows the ins and outs of proper snow clearing.
  • Avoid fines: Calgary bylaw declares that within 24 hours after a snowfall, snow and ice must be cleared from city pathways and sidewalks. It is up to many homeowners to maintain sidewalks adjacent to their homes. Failure to do so can result in a fine!
  • Sleep: the last thing you want to do before your workday is to shovel the driveway or pathway. Let us brave the cold for you while you get to catch a few extra z’s in the morning. No longer will sudden snow dumps be your problem. 
  • Affordability: it’s all in our name! Make your life that much easier by letting us take care of your winter maintenance at an affordable and competitive price. Snow-free pathways don’t have to be expensive.

Learn more about our winter snow clearing and ice management for your Calgary home or business and give us a call.

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